Saya Bisa Bassa Inggriesh

For a lot of social circles, Jakarta is a city with many languanges. With the many ethnic tribes and groups in Indonesia, undoubtedly someone or other comes to Jakarta bringing their own region’s flavour to the mix – thus resulting in a cacophpny of linguistic madness. At the end of the day, people still speak Bahasa Indonesia, albeit sometimes with a twang of their local accent.Yet a certain slice of the population have very American or British accents, whether or not they actually come from these countries – usually they spent some time in those countries or even have relatives (the ubiquitous Cincha Lawra comes to mind). They even speak more English than Bahasa Indonesia! Well, me included, of course, ha ha…But on some level, in solidarity with our ASEAN cousins, we continue our torture of the traditional English languange and unwittingly modify it to suit our Asian tounges (so note the use of English words):

  • gue harus meeting dulu, soalnya sore ini deadline.
  • pinjem handphone lu dong, gue mau bikin appointment sama client.
  • teks yang kemarin di-translate aja, biar besok bisa di-present ke board of directors.
  • kemarin gue view profile temen gue di facebook, ternyata gue belom add! trus dia udah update foto-foto liburannya ke Sing.
  • Pas kuliah di Aussie, gue sempet ikutan school newspaper gitu.
  • Alarm mobilnya udah dinyalain belom? Gue parno DVD Playernya dicuri.
  • Eh, software yang bagus buat editing gambar apa ya?

I rest my case. At least we’re not speaking Singlish or Chinglish.


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3 responses to “Saya Bisa Bassa Inggriesh”

  1. TukangRoti says :

    Let see what people will think of you when say it like this: "Gue parno pemutar cakram DVD miliknya dicuri." đŸ™‚

  2. joebarry says :

    sebenernya ada yang lebih aneh lagi: "attention" diterjemahkan paksa jadi "atensi" atau "relevance" jadi "relevansi". Kayak nggak ada kata bahasa Indonesianya aja. Tapi ya… emang bahasa kita udah campur aduk sih… itulah Jakarta đŸ˜€

  3. Aulia says :

    Please deh

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