63 Years Down The Drain… Really?

Today we celebrate our beloved country’s independence, which has been ‘independent’ for the last 63 years. Why the quote marks on ‘independent’? If we are truly independent, then why are our billboards and TVs filled with ads from overseas brands? Why are almost all of our most important industries controlled by foreign interests? And nobody cares – the state of the country it is in right now shows that.

But really, after 63 years, do we have anything to show for it? Yes. We have our country, our nation, our flag, our culture and our language – something a lot of other people don’t really have.

We need to show that we are worthy of it – we need to earn our place in this hard-fought country. We may even have to fight our countrymen whose self-interest goes above the greater good – the 21st century ‘war’ – but fight we will.


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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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