What About Jakarta?

Soccer, or football for some, garners some of the most fanatic fan following, anywhere in the world. Nobody knows why. So you’d think Jakartans would be all over their beloved Persija, right? Not really.


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4 responses to “What About Jakarta?”

  1. TopiQue says :

    Haha… iya juga sih. Suporter di Indonesia ntu masi bersifat dualisme : sebagai suporter daerah mereka sendiri dan sebagai suporter klub /negara lain..Gw sbagai orang Tangerang ngdukung Persita,, tapi juga dukung Arsenal..:D

  2. Aulia says :

    Apa yang mau didukung? My sport doesn’t exist in this country.

  3. joebarry says :

    @TopiQue: kayaknya ga cuma di Indonesia ya… negara2 lain ternyata juga banyak yang ‘dualisme’ hahaha…@aulia your sport doesn’t exist in this country? neither does your sense of humor

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