Safety First Or Safety Worst

Last week, in one of those unexpected traffic jams in Kuningan, I saw a guy get hit by the Transjakarta bus. In the midst of unmoving traffic, he got out of his cab and inadvertantly stepped in the Transjakarta lane, and apparently there was a bus right behind him. The poor guy, a Malaysian national, survived but crushed his arm.There have been many sad stories of people getting hit by buses, Transjakarta and otherwise; and in many cases, they were standing too far from the curb, on the street, were jaywalking (even when a pedestrian bridge is nearby) or even falling off the bus: the most gruesome case was a man fell off his bus on the high-speed tollway, and got hit by a car, blasting him to pieces.It is sad for the families and friends left behind – but it is also sadder that many people – pedestrians and motorists alike – seem to ignore safety. A helmet is considered a mere suggestion and some aren’t even built to protect. Crossing bridges stand empty because it’s “easier” to cross the street below directly, even if you have to avoid speeding traffic or climb over fences. And, however clearly the busway lane is marked, people still tempt fate and go there. Would it be so different if the lanes were train tracks? No, because we also hear of various accidents involving people or vehicles and the trains that crash into them.I thought one of the basic human drives was save your own ass? I guess that instinct only comes at imminent threat – when a bus is speeding in your direction – and does not apply to preventive measures.I feel my condolences for the families left behind because of these accidents – but they were accidents that could have been avoided.Hm. I’m not funny today.

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2 responses to “Safety First Or Safety Worst”

  1. rika says :

    yeah, my italian teacher, Daria Fusco, was also passed away because hit by busway.. it’s so sad.

  2. Aulia says :

    Only ignorants get hit by Transjakarta buses. They’re huge, people can see them coming, they have their own lanes.

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