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What About Jakarta?

Soccer, or football for some, garners some of the most fanatic fan following, anywhere in the world. Nobody knows why. So you’d think Jakartans would be all over their beloved Persija, right? Not really.



This weekend, I am helping out a good friend at her marriage reception… and at the same time, there is a big family gathering; even my brother has come down from Tokyo.

Help out one or the other? It tears me up… even when I already had made the decision…

Hope The Food Is As Good As His Rhymez

Apparently, the late Tupac Shakur is not so late at all, having retired from the chaotic rap scene in the US to peacefully sell sate kambing at Mal Artha Gading. Having converted to Islam and did the pilgrimage to Mecca, he has left behind his sordid days as a rhyme-hustling rapper and has contented himself with running his own food stall. Franchises welcome.


I Wonder Who Else Is Here?

Ian Fleming, most popularly known for his James Bond novels, apparently is still alive and well, and retiring in Jakarta by way of working in an entirely different field altogether, so as to throw off conspiracy theorists.


So apparently Jakarta is a place where allegedly dead people actually still live on to this day, and not even having to change their names.

We’ll Miss Your Music

LeRoi Moore, the critically-acclaimed saxophonist for my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band, has just recently passed away.

We’ll miss you and your music, man.

I Make My Own Rules

MUI Masih Kaji Fatwa Haram RokokSo the chaps who know more about religion than most of all do, seemingly can’t decide on whether smoking is haram or not, ‘because we need to think about the people whose livelihood depend on the tobacco industry’. As I have said in a previous post, I am not against people who smoke (but definitely against the smoke produced), but this case is rather unique – c’mon guys, it’s either haram or not haram. Would the MUI reconsider making pork not haram because it is the livelihood of many people?And like it would make any difference, anyway.

Get More Power And Money NOW!


Got this [spam] advertisment from the mailing lists (I took the liberty of editing out the company name). I wonder how many dupes fall for this ad? Can become rich, famous and powerful with no money investment, and the liberal use of ‘free media’ catchphrase. You just need to have the skillz and willingness. Note that they use ‘potential income’ in the ad. More likely it’s potential that at one point you may make money…. or may not. Another phrase for ‘free’ is ‘doesn’t make a dime’. Hence it’s not definite income, it’s potential income. It’s a really good deal!