We’ll Definitely Give Way

As a habit, public transportation vehicles – be it buses, taxis, angkots, mikrolets, bajaj, and even the motorcycle taxis – always speed on ahead to their next destination, to which they will make sudden stops and linger around like nobody’s business for the next hour or so. A public transport filled with people will always be in a hurry, and empty public transport will always be hanging out somewhere, trying their best to block traffic.There is also an innate sense that wherever these vehicles go, other vehicles on the road will always give way, especially when overtaking a long line of cars in a traffic jam by using the opposite lane (whether or not it is empty), then jamming the nose of the vehicle into anywhere they can fit it with superb speed and skill. The road somehow gives priority to these selfless workers, and of course, the rules don’t apply for public transport. Why should it?

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One response to “We’ll Definitely Give Way”

  1. yodee says :

    we should stop giving way for their evil habit. don’t spoil them.

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