Jakarta Skate Park

In a stroke of apparent genius, the Jakarta government planned to deploy in-line skating police officers to react more quickly to the latent traffic jams.Yes, that should work.The announcement was made in June, yet we don’t see any skating policemen yet. Hopefully they have the brains to figure out that these skating policemen will need proper attire as well… well at least lose the hat and replace it with a helmet or something. And wear some body armor!One thing bothers me…. where would they skate? In peak hours, the road is filled with cars, and any empty space not filled with cars, buses and the like is filled with motorcycles (even the pedestrian areas). Maybe the government is developing some sort of top-secret high-tech flying skates… or simply haven’t thought this one through.I recommend you read through the comments to the article!Thanks to Timm for the post.


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4 responses to “Jakarta Skate Park”

  1. Aulia says :

    I’ve seen several around Mampang area.

  2. yodee says :

    seriously? how do they look like? hip? they’re young i suppose? i cannot imagine a fat, big-bellied policeman running around with inline skates hahaha

  3. Billy Xingo says :

    Gue udah maen roller ampe 15 thn, tapi yg ini bener2 memalukan kalo cuman dilatih setengah2. Dgn roller model recreational gitu emang bisa nangkep penjahat? Yg ada patah tu frame rodanya hahahaha! (harusnya beli yg tipe aggresive, biar kuat n mantep). Konsepnya seh bagus tapi eksekusinya amburadul karena gak pake survey n riset yg akurat. BTW kalo ada anggota kepolisian yg berminat untuk beli roller buat patroli, gue bisa diemail. Kebetulan sebentar lagi gue berencana mo buka skateshop khusus rollerblade, so kalo beli borongan bisa dapet diskon + gratis training buat skuadron (whatever they called) selama sebulan (8X pertemuan). Gue jamin gak cuman bisa nangkep penjahat, tapi juga terbuka kemungkinan buat jadi juara pas ngadu ama skater sipil… ROLLERBLADING NOT DEAD!

  4. Billy Xingo says :

    Oh iya, email gue mustangbreaker@hotmail.com (Bisa search Friendster ato Facebook gue pake itu kok…)

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