I Feel Safe Here In Jakarta

An alleged malfunction of a gas pipe caused a minor explosion at Plaza Indonesia at 12 am today. And it took three hours for the police forensic crew to show up. And a poor security guard panicked enough to not even think of helping victims trapped inside the building. The alleged malfunction occured at the Papparazi restaurant which is under renovation, and thankfully nobody was in the immediate area. But it gets you thinking about work area safety – how could this happen? And if there were a  gas leak, what ignited the gas? I guess the police will come up with the answer – someday.So even if we are protected from bomb attacks by the ubiquitous security guards at malls, we still have the risk of gas leaks? Let’s not even mention substandard building material and construction – so far, thankfully, there have not been any serious cases.Meanwhile, Jakartans’ disregard for safety remains unsolved, with our esteemed politicians busy with the safety of their own backsides.


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