And You Guard Our Country’s Very Safety

In a small but notable incident last week, a woman and her husband was harassed by a member of the military, although it was said military member who rammed into their car.This is not the first time a member of the military has acted above the law and mistreated common citizens – even I had an experience. I was with a friend in Bogor near a military base, and to turn back we used a small road that led to one of the entrances. When we were waiting for traffic to pass, a soldier came by the car and asked why the hell we were turning there. “This is not the place to turn, you cannot just use this road carelessly,” he said. To my defence, the road wasn’t even in the base’s area as the perimeter was clearly marked by a low wall. “Who are you? Where are you going? You better not be funny with me or I’ll beat you with my rifle butt,” he continued. I think the most violence-provoking act I did was the expression of disbelief on my face – what did I do?Isn’t it strange how these military guys treat us? I’m not saying all are like that – but too often than not, we here these cases time and again.No names were mentioned and thus I am not liable for a defamation suit 😀


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