Watch Out For Those Oversize Lizards Roaming The Streets

As part of building a ‘better’ public transportation system for Jakarta, a Malaysian-controlled local company launched its series of buses to be used for the Transjakarta system. Never mind the irony that some Malaysian people actually want to make Jakarta a better place – or just make a buck from us Indonesians – the company, in a misdirected patriotic whim, named the bus ‘Komodo’. Why would you name a commercial product ‘Komodo’? Who’d want to buy something named after an oversize lizard? The Jakarta government, apparently.Komodo is an endangered carnivorous species of lizard indigenous to a few islands in Indonesia, which might translate to these points in the context of Transjakarta:

  • the buses gobble up passangers
  • the buses have a hard leathery feel with sand all around
  • they’re unusually big for its type [of bus]
  • they move pretty slowly – unless there’s prey to be caught
  • since they’re endangered, there must be very few of them – good luck waiting at the bus stop

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