I’m Berry Sure I Don’t Need One… But Berry Sure I Want One

In certain social circles – and business, of course – gadget afociandos, which apparently are not confined to geeks obsessed with their PDA hacks, are all either talking about or drooling about the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Bold. Even more so is the Bold as somehow more people are using it, even though the initial price for a black market Bold in Jakarta is about the same as a low-end motorcycle.The popularity of the Bold is the most recent peak of the current trend of Blackberry usage in Indonesia – whether or not RIM is happy about it, as a lot of the devices in the market are black-market. So from 2 years ago, when a Blackberry was strictly a business device in Jakarta, now you can see teenage kids using a Blackberry. WHen they’re hanging out in malls or cafes, they have their Blackberry in tow, becoming more of a status icon rather than an email device. I’m not even sure some of them even use the push email function that the Blackberry is supposedly popular for (at least in business circles). Even the more ubiquitous Blackberry Curve costs at least the same as a low-end laptop, but more or less the same as a high-end handphone, which you’d see anyway in the hands of well-to-do teenagers.The most socialite-prone feature on a Blackberry would be the Blackberry Messenger, which is essentially an instant-messaging program for Blackberry devices. Translation: you can chat on Blackberry Messenger only if you have a Blackberry, making it the number one upscale socializing software, overtaking flirting over Bluetooth. There are even special events coordinated through the community created for Blackberry users.So… are you using a Blackberry yet?


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7 responses to “I’m Berry Sure I Don’t Need One… But Berry Sure I Want One”

  1. Aulia Masna says :

    HELL NO!

  2. yonan32 says :

    jangan lupa sekarang ada aplikasi facebook-nya, yang lebih instan daripada mesti akses lewat WAP biasa. update status, upload foto, eksis abis deh!

  3. Bellamy Benedetto Budiman says :

    These idiotic socialites probably don’t even know shit about what a BlackBerry or an iPhone 3G could do other than making calls, texting messages, or taking pictures. These morons should stop buying things that they don’t understand, even if they can afford it.As for myself, rather than buying a BlackBerry, I’d rather invest on a MacBook or something else.

  4. yodee says :

    one of thse idiots is me whom actually needs a blackberry because i have 2 jobs, one in which requires mobility, i work 20 hours a day… the applications on BB are truly God sent.

  5. joebarry says :

    @bellamy the point of some people buying advanced gadgetry is to show off – which is partly the fault of Apple’s/RIM’s marketing also, ha ha… so in some way, the gadget fulfills one of its functions@yodee you and me both, but i don’t think you qualify as an idiot as yet…

  6. Fjahja says :

    I’d rather wait for the Google’s G1 open-source phone to be available here in Indo. Or if i have to, I will just activate on the blackberry monthly plans for the push mail service. THe handsets are way too expensive

  7. joebarry says :

    @fjahja I’d want the G1 when it can actually do PC sync (or Mac sync, if that’s your thing). I’m all for people using BB for work… but for play or show?

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