I Think The Blinking Lights Are Pretty, But Get Out Of My Way Already

Odd Jakarta Fact #671:Motorcycles, public transport and pickups use hand signals before turning, whether or not the turning sign light works. In most cases the light works but only becomes some sort of decorative element, blinking away even though on the highway; and in other cases they simply don’t work – with motorcycles, most often all the lights don’t work anyway. Most often, the hand signals are used at the instant the vehicle is turning right or left, and not before. There are cases where feet are used instead of hands for the signals.For the aforementioned vehicles, the usage of the turning sign on other vehicles i.e. cars, other buses, is also treated as a decorative element and wholly disregarded until the vehicle actually does turn. At this point said motorcycle, pickup or public transport will honk their horns generously.


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4 responses to “I Think The Blinking Lights Are Pretty, But Get Out Of My Way Already”

  1. yodee says :

    yea i experienced it last night. blinking lights from afar… i’m like, is this going going to the right or left…sheeesshhh.

  2. joebarry says :

    and it applies to the motorcycles themselves – many times they try to slip in to the left of a car, even when its turning lights are on and obviously turning to the left.

  3. cutepanda says :

    hmm… there’s another side of the coin here..when you turn on the blinking lights before you turn, no one.. and I mean NO one shall give way to make it possible for you to make that turn! …

  4. joebarry says :

    @cutepanda oh that’s so right! even when your car has obviously turned, motorcycles still cut you off and yell at you

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