This Is New… Spam About Jakarta

A comment recently showed up on this blog, in the midst of the ‘vital organ enlargement’ and computer gibberish:

Terrorism is a threat every where. But it’s not the answer.It is advisable to reconsider need to travel Indonesia.Specially Jakarta due to very high risk of terrorist attacks or chances of human kidnapping.While Traveling along Tebet Timur Dalam district is immune for harboring terrorists. One may be caught right in the middle of such activity.Having considered these issues and just the same you decide to try your luck and put yourself in jeopardy. You must exercise extreme caution. There have been recent arrests of high level terrorist operatives throughout Indonesia.It is evident,terrorism is growing to high extreme level in Jakarta and moving slowly but artfully gaining strategy in the north European hemisphere.Terrorist attacks could take place at anytimeTravelers should be particular vigilant during holiday periods of Christmas and Easter time.Indonesian Authorities warned that terrorists may kidnap foreigners. Jakarta is indicated as an area for terrorists hide-out.One particular spot is Tebet Timur Dalam (12820)This place is the sanctuary for the schooling of young innocent Indonesian girls trained to believe in the Jihad.

Could this be true? That an only-girls school teaching ‘Jihad’ in the Tebet Timur Dalam area be a hotbed for terrorist activities in Jakarta and abroad? That it is a prone place for foreigners to get kidnapped? I won’t even talk about the bad grammar. And to think this comment was posted on this post – can’t see the colleration.I only know that Tebet Timur Dalam is a nice neighborhood, full of trees and houses, and locked in by 24-hour traffic jams. No foreigner in the right mind would go there anyway…

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3 responses to “This Is New… Spam About Jakarta”

  1. JeNN says :

    Oh my…what bad grammar that commentator person guy has! rflmao

  2. yodee says :

    so far you are the first commentator here, JeNN.

  3. Obi-Wan says :

    I work at Tebet Timur, all I see are abg shopping for distro clothings. 😀

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