Let’s Make A Deal: I’ll Hate You If You Hate Me Back

FPI members vented their frustration to police members and an Ahmadiyah mosque when their leader, Habieb Rizieq, and one of his lieutenants, was senteced to jail because of their involvement in the Monas incident many months ago.You may clain to defend Islam, but what we really need is to be defended from you. Short tempers and misguided priorities are a dangerous mix.It’s funny how their all white attire encites fear and resentment, instead of inspiring purity and respect. They want us to hate the entire non-Muslim world, but eventually end up the object of hate, even from fellow Muslims.Great job, man!


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One response to “Let’s Make A Deal: I’ll Hate You If You Hate Me Back”

  1. Obi-Wan says :

    it’s an experiment of reversed psychology. it’s so advanced, it baffles everyone.

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