Call For Articles: How Do You Think The Anti-Porn Bill Will Affect Jakarta?

Friends, time for some input. I want to know how you think the recently passed anti-porn bill will affect Jakarta. Personally, I’ll wait to see if it has any affect at all, like many other laws of ours, but anything can happen.So give Plis Deh Jakarta your insight! What might happen, what wouldn’t happen, whatever, in the usual comedic-cum-sarcastic Plis Deh Jakarta style. We will feature every submission on this site (after editorial review, of course) and the person with the most insightful and funniest article gets permanent contributor status! We know it’s not much, but it will definitely be fun.Submit your articles to, or you can send us a tweet to @plisdehjkt. Can’t wait to read them!

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3 responses to “Call For Articles: How Do You Think The Anti-Porn Bill Will Affect Jakarta?”

  1. JeNN says :

    OMG…I dun think it will create any big fuss…unless the fanatics, no one seems to care about this.

  2. Akhmad Fathonih says :

    Many laws tend to be misused here in Indonesia. That would be the big fuss.

  3. Bellamy Benedetto Budiman says :

    Next to be banned from the vicinity of Jakarta: Buying underwear. Why? Because it gives the impression of porn.

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