Karaoke Is Certainly Evil

Inul Daratista, of hip-gyrating fame, has been receiving threatening text messages and also has been reported to the police due to claims of unauthorized duplicating of copyrighted songs for her karaoke chain, Inul Vista.Yes. The karaoke chain, and thus the owner, is much more a criminal than the CD/DVD pirates. Yes. Even though Inul claims to have paid royalties to the Indonesian Copyrights Commitee, whatever that is.The charge has been retracted by Deddy Dores, of dark-sunglasses, lagu cengeng fame as being ‘wrongly addressed’. Seriously, if you want to sue someone, get the address right! And… how come the other karaoke companies aren’t being sued? Hm.


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4 responses to “Karaoke Is Certainly Evil”

  1. Nindya says :

    The more famous you get, the bigger that sign at your forehead that sez "SHOOT ME HERE". Inul, rich and famous. Uprising star. VersusDeddy ‘who-the-Hell-is-he?’ Dores.XDAh there goes the drama. Popcorns, anyone?

  2. Obi-Wan says :

    Like her hip-gyrating-fame, what goes around comes around.

  3. resty says :

    hahaha yeah. maybe Deddy needs some more attention from TV. The point is, it’s 2008 Ded, your song equals trash now. hihihiih

  4. joebarry says :

    @nindya when at the same time, the other karaoke places make much, much more money :P@obi-wan hahaha you said it man!@resty I remember 10 years ago his songs were already trash. well, just me, i guess.

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