The Show Must Be A Bomb

Rihanna, notably one of the world’s most popular artists, cancelled her show in Jakarta at the last minute, to the dismay of fans and the show promoter who was this close to having a sold out show, and the new telco operator wanting to grab more subscribers.The official line was the cancellation was due to the travel warning issued by the US government, most notably because of the recent string of bomb threats in Jakarta.I wonder, if there are bomb threats to the numerous upcoming political rallies next year for political party campaigns, would they cancel that as well?Then there was talk, if the show did go on as planned, would it be protested or attacked by would-be ‘upholders’ of the porn bill, claiming that Rihanna is enciting lust in the audience?I’m guessing that there will be less concerts and more bulls**t next year.

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2 responses to “The Show Must Be A Bomb”

  1. miuind says :

    Didn’t the US govt cancel the travel warning the day Rihanna cancel her show?

  2. joebarry says :

    hm, i bet Rihanna didn’t know that!

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