They’re Not The Only Monsters We Have Here

Recently Jakartans – most notably, internet-connected Jakartans – have been spreading around news about this video about some strange ‘monster’ living on the beaches of Ancol, to the point the video made it to actual TV.Telematics pseudoexpert and media darling Roy Suryo, according to Indo-Trans, said on a television interview that according to the “metadata” attached, the video was not recorded in Indonesia. I’ll leave others to speculate what metadata he’s talking about. It got to the point where the makers of the video provided pictures of the location and stated “THIS IS NOT A HOAX” on the Youtube page and their blog.Some say that this ‘monster’ is actually some sort of creature that usually eats plankton and algae, but perhaps was mutated by all the toxic waste in Ancol Bay. That wouldn’t be much of a surprise.Little monsters eating corpses and carcasses – a strange analogy for one side of Jakarta?

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One response to “They’re Not The Only Monsters We Have Here”

  1. Bellamy Benedetto Budiman says :

    Roy Suryo always relies to his "metadata" friends… That’s as much as he can do.Next assignment for him, differentiating a thumb and a pinky. He said, "According to the metadata…" and so on and so on…

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