And They Only Thought Of This Now?

The Jakartan government is bringing in heavy dredging equipment from the Netherlands to help dig up all the soil, silt and trash clogging up Jakarta’s waterways. Oh, let me correct that – it is only for two, small, shallow waterways in North Jakarta. Local workmen will be trained by the Dutch on how to operate the machines while the tender order for new equipment is scheduled to be finished in January.I quote:

However, we must start dredging before the rainy season. We shipped one machine to see if it fit in the waterways and to make some adjustment. So that when the equipment arrives, we can operate them straight away.

Hm, before the rainy season? Maybe City Hall hasn’t been hit by the almost daily rainstorms yet, and thus informing the Dutch team that it isn’t the rainy season yet. And perhaps they could have done this, say, in July? Not much of a pilot project. There’s the Indonesian term, pahlawan kesiangan – overdue hero.Well at least there’s a neighborhood cleaning program to clear up the smaller waterways from all its muck. Yes, great timing, as well – something we all could have done with up to 10 years ago without any Dutch.


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