Isn’t It Sad

In this article, our Marines, the front line of defense of our country, are using weapons as old as the Marines themselves – with a lot of the transport vehicles, air support equipment and so on produced in the USSR in the 1960s.

Also, a majority of the budget for the Navy goes out to payrolls, thus limiting the amount of actual money they can spend for acquiring new equipment. I’m not going to question the payroll – if needed, the armed forces (and the police) should really, really get better pay. But isn’t it sad that our armed forces can’t buy new toys, in the century where unmanned combat is projected to rise?
Oh well, I guess the money is going somewhere else. I hope it’s something like education or civil services, not bailing out big companies.


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One response to “Isn’t It Sad”

  1. ikansapi says :

    yeah.. it is sad.
    and embarrassing..

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