And The Heavy Traffic Hours Would Go On Longer

The Jakartan government is planning to make students come in earlier to school, and offices to open at different times based on area.Don’t we have a hard time making people come on time as it is?

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4 responses to “And The Heavy Traffic Hours Would Go On Longer”

  1. JeNN says :

    OMG…poor-poor little students…

  2. arisaja says :

    so much from the expert!

  3. Obi-Wan says :

    This a long-term plot to cut down the population growth. By sleeping less, they’ll tire faster and die sooner. Thus a steady 5% annual decrease.

  4. Walhi: Car-Free Days A Waste | Plis Deh Jakarta! says :

    […] certain main roads in the city, which only displaces traffic, not stop it. This is similar to the bright idea of moving school hours half an hour earlier, without really attacking the root of traffic and pollution problems – too many cars and […]

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