You Know My Name? Good Enough. Vote For Me

For a few months now, Jakarta’s side streets (and in some cases the main ones as well) have been filled with posters of every shape and colour, with the picture of someone who generally we don’t know, and their political party affiliation. Oh, their name printed in big letters as well for good measure, including their district.I don’t know who these people are (and perhaps couldn’t care less), but how would an interested voter find out more about their possible candidate of choice? Or party of choice, even? I’m pretty sure that most Jakartans couldn’t tell their PDS from their PKS, let alone parties with similar – but still different – agendas and programs. Now, I’m sure that each and every one of these political parties has some sort of manifesto or policy brief, but in most cases it’s in the form of political gibberish worth pages and pages of reading. Strangely, they never try to explain this in the simplest terms to the man on the street (well, perhaps since they haven’t done their roadshows yet), and a simplified slogan of their goals and policies are strangely never in the ubiquitous posters, banners and so forth.For the lack of a better, more relevant to Jakarta example, even Barack Obama’s presidential campaign summed up all of his policies to one word: Change.OK. These people that we don’t know, from parties we don’t really know, are asking for us to vote for them, but we don’t know what they stand for? Are they really expecting for votes by purely name recognition only, after barraging the general public with these posters?Really, friends from said political parties. We the people may be stupid and ignorant, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay that way.

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