Cows Wreak Havoc In Toll Road

Gotta love that title. This actually happened in August; can’t believe I missed reading the article. So simply put, a truck carrying 5 cows crashed into a ditch when the driver fell asleep at the wheel, and thus the cows ran (or walked) for their lives. One cow, sadly, was killed in the crash, but the others survived and eventuall authorities managed to round them up.So imagine yourself speeding your way to Bandung and getting the road blocked by a cow?

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2 responses to “Cows Wreak Havoc In Toll Road”

  1. heriyadi says :

    Huahahaha believe it or not tadi di tv ada sapi lepas lagi dan kali ini di Sudirman, sempat naik jembatan penyebrangan pula.

  2. joebarry says :

    holy cow!

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