I Bet They Don’t Eat Chicken Anymore

Residents of East Cengkareng have been getting the stink of their lives lately, coming from a chicken slaughterhouse in the area. The stench of chicken droppings is bad enough, but a slaughterhouse? To add to that, said slaughterhouse had started to throw away waste into the open sewers, spreading the foul-smelling cheer of dead chickens.The local subdistrict office has said ‘they will investigate whether there are any violations’ after reports from citizens, and will close it down when proven. Yes, I’m sure your investigative skills will save the day. This is one example of government officials saying to the media ‘yes we will raid this and that location’ before it actually happens, giving ample forewarning to the object of scrutiny. Anybody still not able to clean up their act after such public statements deserve to be locked up anyway.Oddly enough, when questioned about this problem, said slaughterhouse declined to comment. Maybe their noses simply could not smell the stench anymore.


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