We’re Toning Down The Sarcasm… But Just This Once

Every day and every night, the Jakarta work force has to contend with traffic jams. Fact of life. The effort to make schoolchildren come in earlier, at 6 freaking 30 in the morning, becomes one of the solutions to alleviate the traffic jams (although the traffic jams are also bad in the afternoon without the schoolchildren, thank you very much). The Transjakarta network is also a good start to give a better public transport solution other than the mikrolets and metro minis (who tend to be part of the congestion problem rather than the solution), but somehow it does not run optimally, especially since Transjakarta still depends on the road network. The 3-in-1 rule has been in effect for many years now in the Sudirman-Thamrin area, although lately we do not see much effect of it decreasing congestion (which is actually getting worse).The city administration says they are finally planning an MRT system similar to those in other major cities in the world, almost a century late compared to other cities. And not unlike the defunct monorail project, we yet have to see this becoming a true reality.But somehow these are all knee-jerk reactions to the problem, don’t you think? Problems arise, and thus are reacted upon. Why not properly study the problem?Here’s a thought. Why not just move the business district? Spread it out or something, then build the rail networks, and build parking buildings near the stations. Yes, easier said than done, but why hasn’t this simple idea even been discussed in the supposedly smart circles of city planners? There are a lot of ways to do this and make sure people still make money from it – it’s been done elsewhere. Why not Jakarta? Why are so we in love with the strip of road stretching from Blok M to Kota?And a lot of the traffic in Jakarta is actually from commuters and other people who don’t actually live in the Jakarta area – why not just make it simpler for them to still work in Jakarta, but let them leave their car/bike at home, or at least near a public transport hub? The train lines from Serpong and Bintaro are great – but what about parking at the train station?And – somebody spend some money and build parking buildings, for God’s sake. Not malls, parking buildings! With better daily rates or something, and placed at the public transport hubs.hm, see? I can do more than just complain πŸ˜›


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5 responses to “We’re Toning Down The Sarcasm… But Just This Once”

  1. heriyadi says :

    Good one, I already bitching about all this very long time. Actually I think Trans Jakarta really helpful if they have enough bus and maintain their standard, something they don’t but can easily be solve with little effort.Monorail and MRT well dream on, I believe it when I see it.

  2. joebarry says :

    today I heard on the radio that there is talk to move the country capital to Kalimantan.hmmm hmmm hmmm…

  3. fonnyta says :

    joe barry: not sure whether there’s any truth in that, but its a chuckle nonetheless. πŸ™‚

  4. Oom Waway says :

    public transport will decrease traffic congestion when sound supporting infrastructure exists. Imagine a person who drives a Toyota Altis. in order to get him/her to use public transport, he/she expects a similar convenience he/she gets from his/her car. safety, good access (large enough and K5 free pavement/sidewalk), not being ran down by motorbikes when crossing the streets, etc. Otherwise there is small possibility that this car owner would choose to leave his/her car at home and have a go at Jakarta’s public transport.For Jakarta, these must first be enhanced. but the logic of the local government however, seems a bit twisted. to level the convenience of a privately owned vehicle with that of public transport, they choose to try lowering down the level of convenience for car owners rather than upgrade the level of convenience for users of public transport.I believe there are smart people in the small circle of city planners… if not specially educated, they must have a lot of experience.. the question is, why haven’t they used all those expertise???I believe that the current governor is an expert as he claimed in his campaign.. but why he still hasn’t implemented that expertise is beyond me..

  5. joebarry says :

    @fonnyta : ha ha ha next thing they’ll say is they’ll build a floating CBD out in Ancol Bay or something… at the taxpayers’ expense, of course.@oom waway: well said, friend. i think it’s a matter of political will – which is more important, public transport or, um, building more malls?keep blogging man πŸ™‚

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