Hot Off The Press: Gas Prices To Lower On Monday, Dec 15th

Yep. Premium will go to IDR 5000 and diesel will go to IDR 4800, according to this evening’s press release.This will be the second lowering of gas prices since December 1st, and probably surprising people filling their tanks for gas tomorrow morning. All the while, compared to when gas prices were at IDR 4500, congestion has actually got worse in Jakarta. What will happen now?I can imagine SBY in his office signing this edict while saying “in your face” to the people saying December 1st’s price lowering was not enough. I don’t hear the critics now. Demonstrations and social criticism always spring up when something is perceived wrong, but what happens when the government does something right? No-thing.We’ll never know if the price will go up or down again in the coming months, but since the subsidies have been discontinued, the price will always adjust to global market prices, as it will be evaluated monthly. I can picture now the monthly student demonstrations.


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