Maybe It Just Blowed Over After Blowing Up

A Transjakarta bus exploded after some technical problems (as of yet undisclosed), but thankfully after safely carrying passengers to Blok M Terminal.Somehow in any other capital city, I think there would be outcries from the public towards the government and the public transportation administrator. Here? It gets a few articles and shows up on non-essential blogs like us.Shouldn’t there be more people asking why it happened?


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2 responses to “Maybe It Just Blowed Over After Blowing Up”

  1. Wid says :

    Heh, now why am I not surprised… These kind of things get shrugged off all the time. The ones supposed to handle the problems always try to dodge from responsibility and then consequently people stop caring because, well, nobody seem respond to anything they say anyway so they’d rather channel their energy somewhere else… But then of course, the people responsible for the problems in the first place don’t get complained at all so they slack off even more. And there you go, problems piled up and instead of thinking how to solve them, people actually *got used* to them…. just look at how they handle the flood.

  2. fonnyta says :

    seconding Wid. what a twisted tangled of social political web. Those who can figure out how to untangle these, deserve huge amount of kudos if not dollars money. Would make quite a ponder, wouldnt it? What should be the 1st step to solve this? There has got to be a solution to this…

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