Remember My Photoshop Face


As mentioned in a previous post, there are many campaign banners going up all over Jakarta with faces and party affiliations on them. We don’t know who they are, what they stand for, but they definitely have clear complexions and well-defined make-up. Check out the lady’s lipstick on the right, for instance, and the generally unblemished faces. So unblemished that they seem to be cartoonish, indicating Photoshop manipulation.Would we recognize them in real life, let alone vote for them?Submitted by iiiccchhhaaa.

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One response to “Remember My Photoshop Face”

  1. Oom Waway says :

    that banner raises a question mark. Why? because it mentions a person who died decades ago. I don’t mean any disrespect, but as great as he was, the greatness was an attribute of THAT person. Not his brother, sister, or offspring. Indonesia must learn that we do not live a long-long time ago in a galaxy far-far away, where the force was strong with the Skywalkers.. Offsprings can just be as great or even greater than the predecessors, but a great predecessor does not guarantee great offsprings..anyhow, this seems to be the norm here… We had a great first President, well,.. that does not guarantee that his offsprings are great statesmen and stateswomen.. but a lot of people seem to think so…the other person in that banner is just sad. She has no ties whatsoever with the general. nobody knows her, so she needs to "attach" herself to the general. Sad.I am beginning to think as I write this comment, that George Lucas lived in Indonesia, a long-long time ago…

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