Pay Me To Clean Up My Own River

Trash piled up in the Citarum in North Jakarta. The river supports 28 million people and 20 percent of national industrial output. (Adek Berry/Agence France-Presse) - from the International Herald Tribune

The Asian Development Bank will be lending USD 50 million to the Jakarta city administration to clean up Citarum river.Hm.We actually need to borrow money to clean up our own mess, regardless on whether or not the money will actually be spent cleaning up the river or becoming somebody’s Hummer. And the debt will be paid off at the taxpayers’ expense, including the Hummer.Of course, the ADB will be implementing measures and controls that will somewhat prevent or decrease misuse of funds or corruption, but yeah well… if there’s one thing Indonesians are good at, it’s definitely cooking the books! But you know what? As long as we get the river properly clean and keep it that way, I don’t mind paying for a few Hummers. As long as we know about it.


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