That’s Why The Kids Would Rather Watch Cartoons

Remember feeling stupid in SD? When you couldn’t understand a single sentence from those lousy hand-me-down textbooks? Seems that some researchers got together and made that official – to the extent of saying that the textbooks are not appropriate for class.Well, I don’t think they use those outdated Balai Pustaka textbooks anymore, but since then many schoolbook publishers have turned up, while not necessarily fulfilling the requirements and needs of kids in 1st and 2nd grade. Well, there is a national standarization board of some kind, but somehow they missed reviewing all the books invovled in this research. Why? No budget.Anyway, if you read the article it also states findings that in one instance, the writer mistakenly thought an issue to discuss about gender became an issue to discuss about sex, and goes on describing… I’ll stop there. And that’s not mentioning the level of language and usage of knowledge in the books are far too high for 1st and 2nd graders.And here I was under the impression that school textbooks should be written by somebody smart?

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One response to “That’s Why The Kids Would Rather Watch Cartoons”

  1. fonnyta says :

    Another case of ‘oh-we-didnt-think-of-that-before-hmmm’ hitting yet another government body. Apparently a tall order to actually make Indonesian civil servants to sit down, plan, do case analysis, potential repercussions studies, and construct a well rounded plan. It seems like a die hard habit of Indonesians to just plunge in and do things without careful assesments of the plan. And act plain dumb if it came back and bite their behind. But then again, should we expect such brilliance coming from those whom textbooks are written by authors who think erection, wet dreams and protruding nipple are acceptable reading materials for 10 yr old kids? Maybe we need to lower our expectation 🙂 Oh I think textbooks not necessarily have to be put together by the smarties, they just need to posses in depth knowledge of childrens’ absorption ability, combined with methodological & systematical skills of educational training……in other words..smarties. Yup! you’re right, forget I said anything hehehe

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