Gunning For Change?

The city council rejects an idea floated by the police to arm community heads in the effort to maintain law and order.Um… why would an idea like this come up in the first place? I can picture a Jakarta-style Mexican standoff, or one of those cowboy duels, but done in a small alleyway instead of the main road, to get rid of the ‘baddie’ of the neighborhood. “This housing complex isn’t big enough for the both of us,” says the community cheif (ketua RW).Bringing guns into the community will only increase proliferation, and that’s when we assume everybody entitled with these guns will follow the letter of  the law. Yeaaah. Let’s just keep the guns with the police and armed forces – not that it’s limited to them anymore either.

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One response to “Gunning For Change?”

  1. fonnyta says :

    oh thank god there’s still something between city council’s ears!

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