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In The Meantime, More Floods

After 8 years, the East Flood Canal is coming closer to reality. Has construction been started? Just a bit, but who knows, really. But the acquisition of land is 90% complete!So if in average land acquisition goes forward at about 11% per year, we should be done with it by early 2010. Then the larger scale construction happens, who knows for how long, but for argument’s sake, 3 years. Therefore, we’ll start to have a relatively flood-free Jakarta by 2013!Nice to have something to look forward to.

Smart Driving


Jakartan drivers are notorious for their tenacity in finding a way to go forward in traffic, regardless of the vehicle used. Gasoline conservation is a must so a vehicle’s momentum must be maintained at all times, and usage of brakes must be avoided at all costs. These basic principles override everything else; stuff like traffic laws, safety, common sense and the like. Like people think about those things anyway.

I Feel So Much Safer

An 7-ton illegal shipment of contraband has successfully been foiled, right where it would have been smuggled through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The shipment, divided into suitcases carried by several people on flights originating from Bangkok.So, what evil commodity have we been saved from by the authorities?Clothes.

Well Aren’t We Trashy

So, the poor guys living in the Bungur area have their trash piling up, due to the fact the garbage trucks are late making their rounds. The Sanitation Agency says the trucks are delayed due to the floods blocking several roads to Bantar Gebang (the city dump, essentially).So combine that with the floods bringing in trash to Jakarta, our city totally stinks!

Desire Leads To Temptation: Telkomsel iPhone 3G Preorder

Oh dear. The long-awaited, yet dreading (especially for the wallet) is almost here, heralded by the surfacing of this page.

Thanks to @yonan32 for the link.