The Tendency To Grandstand Is Stronger Than The Will To Help

Let me just say this first: Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the Palestinian people – who are, I should note, not entirely Muslim – are appaling, indiscriminate and condemnable. I can’t believe in this day of ‘political correctedness’, a country like Israel performs blatant human rights abuses in front of the world and justifies it by claiming to be ‘eradicating Hamas’. The entire Gaza strip is not Hamas. Really.

But when an Indonesian political party leashes 200.000 of their masses to demonstrate in front of the US embassy, something is somehow wrong. First of all, it’s more of a political statement from the so-called Muslim front, and yet again, these people are pulling their efforts and energies towards things that are happening abroad. Yes I agree that we should denounce the atrocities and violence, but don’t we have enough problems at home? You want to make a political statement, try using all that money that is obviously needed for mobilizing a large crowd, to giving food to the poor, improving the quality of life, free education classes…. I could go on.

This is one of many incidents that the US embassy was sieged by demonstrators for something or other; the most notable (and insignificant) being FPI protesting because of a certain mural in the CIA buidling has some sort of imagery that is claimed to be the writing ‘Allah’ in Arabic. Or something. I have never seen the pictures.

So these demonstrations happen, a strong political message is sent (or not), and neither the Palestinians or the Indonesians are any better from it.

Then we hear FPI wanting to send people to Palestina to help the struggle – OH FOR GOD’S SAKE! There are soooo many people in JAKARTA who need help, let alone other areas in Indonesia. You want to do a political good will act? Try helping the river cleanup, or helping those people whose homes are flooded. I’m pretty sure you’d get good points with God as well.

Stop thinking of collecting your blessings, and start thinking of ways on how to do good deeds. I’m pretty sure helping an old lady cross the street – whatever her religion – counts for more than maintaining a beard.

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One response to “The Tendency To Grandstand Is Stronger Than The Will To Help”

  1. yonan32 says :

    in regard to the Gaza fiasco itself, I tend to take a neutral stance and carefully observe both sides of the story before choosing sides.

    that said, if FPI wants to go there, I’d say WELL LET’S GIVE THEM A ONE WAY TICKET!

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