Revenge Of The Potholes: Movie At 11

Only in Jakarta – in the Greater Jakarta area, in all the smaller roads that you’d never know about unless you lived in the area, exist a multitude of potholes, from your kiddie puddle to truck-engulfing abyss. Oh, wait a minute, even the bigger, main roads have their own variation of the venerable pothole.It seems that it’s a permanent fixture on our streets, together with some sort of excavation to install/repair utilities (and leaving the dirt in piles on the side road). No Jakartan road is complete with at least one pothole.I can’t blame drivers and motorcycle riders especially for wanting to avoid these potholes – it really bugs the vehicles’ momentum, you know! We really can’t afford the time to slow down the vehicle, God forbid putting our foot on the brakes. No, these potholes have to be avoided, even when there’s oncoming traffic from the other direction.In some areas, good samaritans try to fill these potholes with either dirt, rubble, or even do the extra effort and mix some cement to plug the hole. And yes, come rainy season, this goodwill goes to waste as the water takes it away.So maybe it’s good news that the government is planning to repair 211,00 sqm of road. We’ll just have to see, would it be with proper materials, or just slap on some cement or asphalt. Hm, maybe, just maybe – we really should learn to build better roads from the start.

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