South Jakarta Officials Instructed To Ride Bikes

The mayor of South Jakarta has issued a rule that South Jakarta officials must ride bicycles while on official business in their area. This is part of a small effort to reduce environmental impact. To top that, the government isn’t even going to buy them the bikes.I can see it now. All-important officials wobbling on their bikes while a Metro Mini full of school kids trundles by and somehow manages to splash water from the plentiful potholes thus drenching said official. On the other hand, the officials rolling around on their bikes, escorted by a police motorcade.Well, Mr Mayor, I know you mean well.

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2 responses to “South Jakarta Officials Instructed To Ride Bikes”

  1. Obi-Wan says :

    No wonder they’re told to come in earlier. So they’ll have plenty time to rest before work, or lounging around at work.

  2. blog competion says :

    salam kenal

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