Smart Driving


Jakartan drivers are notorious for their tenacity in finding a way to go forward in traffic, regardless of the vehicle used. Gasoline conservation is a must so a vehicle’s momentum must be maintained at all times, and usage of brakes must be avoided at all costs. These basic principles override everything else; stuff like traffic laws, safety, common sense and the like. Like people think about those things anyway.

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5 responses to “Smart Driving”

  1. Obi-Wan says :

    I know where that is. That’s the intersection in front of STM Penerbangan. The dude in Yaris(?) is taking the lane for the oncoming traffic. Crazy driver is crazy. Maybe there’s a 90% sale on that KFC (that red building across the street).

  2. Obi-Wan says :

    *discount, not sale. XD

  3. joebarry says :

    i’ve even run out of comments for this guy, and yet we see this kind of behavior every day. Every. Day.

  4. oomwaway says :

    Yes joebarry, we see this behaviour every single day. the question is, how to stop this kind of driving. I think we desperately need legal enforcement… the written law is, well, not the best, but enough… enforcement is another thing.. rather than pumping out money for making the transjakarta project work, I think it is better to use that money in a project to "cut" one generation of "smart" drivers.1. the system for acquiring driving licenses need to be cleansed. No more sogok. compulsory traffic "school" before taking the exams.2. install higher sanctions for violating traffic rules, e.g. destruction of driving license on the spot.. or.. raise the fine to, say,.. 1 mil IDR.. ‘3. Enforcement!.. put more officers on the street, give tickets to all violation however small. these officers must be free from bribery4. probably another law should be enacted… which protects any citizen who hit motorized vehicle breaking traffic rules from any criminal sanctions and civil suit, and if the hit can be proved to be deliberate, rewards should entail. the hitting citizen shall also has an enforceable right to have damages caused by the hit to be fixed by the traffic rule breaker. all the above needs more funding,.. but I think if it can be carried out for say, 3 – 4 years, I think the next generation shall be more civilized… Jakarta’s traffic needs rigorous, tough, traffic law enforcement. I see no other way to fix these behaviour of smart driving. And then there’s the flood,…

  5. joebarry says :

    hear hear! the least we can do, though, is simply ridicule these kind of drivers 😀

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