Trolleys Are Such A Joy

Whichever hypermart you visit in Jakarta, though I would not want to mention the names *cough*carrefour, giant, hypermart*cough*, would have rows and rows of available shopping trolleys, and almost always those big travelators to make sure the trolleys can be pushed direct from the entrance, to the store, and after shopping, right to the car or the pick-up point. Convenient, eh?What’s not convenient are the trolleys themselves. Sure, they’re big. Sure, they’d have  that little foldable shelf that can be used for either small children or handbags (not that they are equal). But more often than not, one of the wheels (or two) would either not rotate properly (due to something stuck in the axle), or not turn properly, making the trolley turn left or right at any chance you’re not paying attention. So it’s either you have to push really, really hard to make the trolley move, or push harder on one side to keep the trolley going straight, while one gallon of mineral water and 10 kg of rice sits in the trolley, thus making that pulled muscle in your back even worse.You could always try to pick a better trolley before going in the store, but, can you believe it, there are no trolleys to spare! When you finally get one from a person leaving the store (with assorted trash left in the trolley), you enter the store and meet hundreds of other people just milling about with their empty trolleys, buying 2 cans of soda, a hairbrush, and 2 packs of detergent with a dinner plate as a bonus.Then you finally start trying to do your grocery shopping, the isles are filled with people staring at something or other on the racks, with their trolleys left diagonally in the isle. Then the second guy comes along from the opposite direction, parks his trolley in the minimal space left, and stares at something else on the racks. Hmmm, Chilli sauce or Super Hot Chilli sauce? I must think this through properly, especially considering the price difference of Rp 5.Then when you finally, finally manage to get everything you need, and a lot of other things you either forgot about or don’t really need, comes the time to do the trolley dash – find the closest, most empty checkout counter, or when it’s nearing closing time, the shortest line. There will always be the indifferent man or the ignorant mom cutting lines, which usually get stares from others. Even if someone tells them to get in line properly, they’ll just do their own staring and stare blankly at something far off, as if everything was right in the world.Then when it finally is your turn to check out your groceries, 1 out of 5 times, unless you’re smart enough to avoid it, there’s this piece of cabbage or a t-shirt without a barcode, where the cashier needs to wave a silly little flag or turn on a really annoying siren to call for help to the supervisor or something. This takes ages, especially if the thing you bought is placed on some obscure shelf.Finally, after some errors with the credit card machine, you are home free, to carry your groceries to your car or other mode of transport. Free, you say? I don’t think so. When you exit the checkout isle, there are a multitude of trolleys in your way, diagonally again, blocking your way from the checkout counter to the exit (or the travelator), hence making a maze of your exit strategy.And only then… you’re on your way home. Reaching home, you put all the groceries away in their respective storage places… until you realize that you forgot to buy the flashlight batteries and the air freshener.Here we go again…

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8 responses to “Trolleys Are Such A Joy”

  1. Obi-Wan says :

    That’s why i shopped every wednesday, 11 am. Less people, less queue at the cashiers and no carelessly-parked trolley.

  2. Simandoux says :

    If I can shop on wednesdays at 11 AM, I would, but sadly I cannot, so I have no choice but joining the group of mad(wo)men with their menacing trolleys. BUT, if I can help it, I’d avoid *cough* carrefour, people are dumber there and tend to aimlessly wonder around with their trolleys buying whatever it is they can fit in them.

  3. yodee says :

    do you realize that every item in grocery store has got its own sales representative now? so like in shampoo aisle for example, they must at least got 5 sales reps from sunsilk, pantene, clear and so on and so forth. and these people omg, they don’t budge when you ask for, say, bread aisle. dude, if i have offended you by saying a brand of a bread that’s a rival of your product, a shampoo, at least say "i don’t know"… don’t turn your head and sigh.

  4. joebarry says :

    @obi-wan i think many of us do not share that luxury. or we could go to *cough* Ranch Market and spend more for less items… @simandoux yeah you said it man.@yodee that’s because the hypermarkets just rent out the racks to the vendors, so the vendors would have to do their own effort to push their product. At this rate there will be more sales reps than buyers…

  5. yodee says :

    oh… ok. is that a wise move to do, tho?

  6. joebarry says :

    @yodee hahaha depends on the perspective i guess…

  7. oomwaway says :

    I hate those mindlessly parked trolleys..When I find one, I move that trolley to a place far-far away in carrefour to give way for least I can do.

  8. yodee says :

    i dont usually use trolleys. i use them small baskets, they help me grow my biceps hahahahaha

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