Let’s Have David Hasselhoff Over Instead

The new US secretary-of-state and arguably one of the most powerful women in the world, Hillary Clinton, will be visiting Jakarta this February. I can imagine the anti-US protest marches already, blaming the US for anything from high gasoline prices, the world economic collapse to a really bad Indiana Jones sequel. People will be denouncing SBY for meeting with the representative from the so-called Zionist supporter state and some may call for an edict stating Hillary Clinton is haram.Hey, I’m no big fan of the US either but they did bless us with the likes of Baywatch and American Idol. Let’s just keep it real man. Those angry masses usually used for large-scale demonstrations would do wonders to the city if they were simply told to clean up litter in all of Jakarta’s streets (and rivers). All that anti-US rethoric is really getting old.


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