Oh No, Not More Work!

The government has instituted an interesting program on a few public streets, where if a driver parks there for five times, they get one day parking free. All they have to do is show the parking stubs, which they will have to ask from the parking attendants.The move is supposedly to see how much actual parking money is made from those streets, as it is suspected a lot of the money is not submitted to the government.Parking attendants are not welcome to the new rule, because it entails more work, like handing out and punching parking stubs.Oh yes, how tiresome. Not only do they have to guard all the cars (erm… do they?), blow on a whistle loudly, now they have to hand out small pieces of paper.


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2 responses to “Oh No, Not More Work!”

  1. Obi-Wan says :

    I think the parking attendant are more concern about the effect of using more paper for unimportant stuff like parking tickets. They’re just trying to look out for the ozone layers.

  2. joebarry says :

    why not just get rid of parking stubs altogether, eh? no killing trees and no littering.

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