Happy Traffic-Jammed Valentine’s Day

Seeing that coincidentally Valentine’s Day this year fell on a Saturday, various venues and companies created Valentine events to attract people to come and ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s at their place or event (even I am guilty of coming to one of the numerous Valentine events held yesterday). Which is all fine and lovely, except to certain people who think Valentine’s Day is either not in line with Indonesian culture or with their religion, as Valentine’s is either a Western capitalist apparatus or a Christian celebration. But I think those arguments are beyond this website… so anyway.What do you get when you hold sooo many events in one day, on a Saturday night? This.So hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day in your cars :DSo Jakarta, happy Valentine’s Day, we only bitch so much because we love you!


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2 responses to “Happy Traffic-Jammed Valentine’s Day”

  1. .cha says :

    Senayan such a flood by cars and love >.<traffic jam made my valentine!

  2. yodee says :

    i have never seen pondok indah round about that packed with cars and motorbikes! it was unprecedented. good thing i dont celebrate valentine’s day…

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