Bajaj Drivers: My Old Bajaj Still Works.. Perfectly

The city government’s plan to replace the existing Bajajs in Jakarta with newer, greener ones has been aborted. Why? Apparently, the factory doesn’t produce them anymore. To be more specific, the Indian company producing these three-wheeled menaces are not doing any production for the Indonesian market anymore.The ubiquitous, lithe and pollution-spewing public vehicles have been part of the Jakartan landscape for ages, but since they have not been replaced by newer models since, um, who knows when, we already can see some newer, CNG-powered Bajajs roaming the streets, with less pollution, and apparently less manouverability (can’t see them winding their way through traffic like their older cousins as the CNG tank is very heavy).Despite its apparent noisiness, pollution and disregard for safety, Bajajs still remain an important part of the Jakartan public transport service, if not its heritage.  It’ll be a sad day when these Bajajs die out and be replaced by… Kancils?


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2 responses to “Bajaj Drivers: My Old Bajaj Still Works.. Perfectly”

  1. Obi-Wan says :

    I prefer Bajaj. The noise, the vibrations, the unexpected turns and sudden brakings. Who cares about the ozone layers, anyway! 😀

  2. .cha says :

    bajaj besinya bau >.<

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