I peed at Tabac, and I didn???t buy anything.


I used to love Tabac Kemang. Until tonight.Sure, some friends like to say “what’s so great about that place? It’s bloody expensive, pretentious, and the crowd is not even that flattering”Well, I felt differently. I went there occasionally. As a meeting point to meet friends, or as the final destination after a fun night of club hopping.I had fun memories there. From doing a split just to amuse my friends after a few glass of beers (see pic below), or simply having a fun night out for winding myself down after a stressful day at work.Read the rest of Chibialfa’s entry here. Believe me, it’s appaling!

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3 responses to “I peed at Tabac, and I didn???t buy anything.”

  1. andhari says :

    I love Tabac, whasup with people?

  2. joebarry says :

    I’ve only been there once and it wasn’t bad (until my friend threw up, drunk).

  3. fonnyta says :

    cant afford em. nuff said 🙂 Id be gobsmacked too if it happened to me tho. Id be going wha..how..whe… and got pissed off for sure. But I wouldnt so much go into giving the satpam hundred thou (i wouldnt give anybody 100 for insulting me for that matter he he) Id instead play the manager card, and go down hard on the management. And speak inglesss! (for some strange reason, it always works wonder)

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