Not That I’d Go To Tangerang Anyway

The Tangerang government is holding weekly searches to hotels in the town area in search of ‘adulterers’, alcohol and ‘illegal prostitution’. Oh, is there ‘legal prostitution’?Anyway.Many non-married couples were caught in non-star hotels, registered before being sent home, and the hotels were also searched for alcoholic drinks, as part of the enforcement of 2005 bylaws banning adultery, premarital sex and alcohol. Bear in mind that these same bylaws practically forbid female citizens to walk alone at night in fear of suspicion of prostitution.A city public order agency official states that these actions are to avoid Tangerang becoming into a city of prostitution and alcoholic beverage sales, keeping in line with the city’s motto, “good morals”.Well, I’m no advocate of alcohol or premarital sex, but seriously, aren’t there more serious issues to handle? Like, real crime?

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4 responses to “Not That I’d Go To Tangerang Anyway”

  1. yodee says :

    they should just let people have sex. sex makes everyone happy, and when theyre happy theyre more productive at work

  2. Hendra Saputra says :

    Or lets say real problem such as traffic jam and unemployment?

  3. avianto says :

    Actually, the logic is very simple. They could only act on things they were in control (or at least, they thought they were in control). So, instead of dealing with the problem they could not control or act upon it, like real crime, traffic jam and unemployment, they did the most ‘controllable’ action. Of course making money on the side by getting paid for "protection" was a nice additional income, kinda like 1930’s Mafia…

  4. Tangerang: The New Land Of Trash | Plis Deh Jakarta! says :

    […] land for construction of a garbage processing site for Jakarta’s trash. So Tangerang will turn away couples looking for a place to have premarital sex and even women walking alone at night, but will accept […]

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