Or Maybe Just Make The Roads Less Congested

Semanggi intersection, Gatot Subroto section. A Thursday afternoon.The road is packed to the brim with cars and no movement in sight. Traffic is jammed all around and seemingly hopeless. Thankfully, the frustrated drivers have subsided their incessant honking for the last half hour or so. Except one – a gold Toyota Fortuner, haplessly trapped in between minibuses and minicars, cranks up the siren horn. Once. Twice, three times, then on and on…Perhaps the driver thinks people will get out of the way just because he sounds his siren.In Jakarta, usage of these police sirens are not limited to law-enforcement cars, but also to military vehicles, to bodyguard cars for government officials, even private cars, to the annoyance of many people due to the frequent use of these high-decibel sirens in Jakarta’s frequent traffic jams.If say in American movies, the sound of the siren marks the coming of law enforcement or emergency services, in Jakarta it marks a government official passing by, or just some jerk who managed to get his hands on one.This, sadly, has made many drivers react badly to ambulance sirens – they simply don’t budge until they actually see it’s an ambulance trying to pass by.So here’s something we should support – abolish the sirens altogether! Use those old-fashioned bike horns or ask nicely if you want to pass.


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2 responses to “Or Maybe Just Make The Roads Less Congested”

  1. yodee says :

    sirene and them badges stick on license plates. and hats that say ‘marine’. jerks!

  2. JasonXLvcxz says :

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