Maybe These ‘Smart Parks’ Should Be Inside Buses

When I read the headline, I thought the term ‘smart park’ was used like it is used for ‘smart phone’, ‘smart car’ and ‘smart house’, whereas the object involved becomes ‘smart’ and can anticipate a user’s needs due to certain hardware or software. So what of ‘smart parks’? Automatic irrigation, automatic umbrellas, and when you leave the park money is automatically deducted from your bank account for parking or something? Oh, nooo.These ‘smart parks’, or Taman Pintar, are meant to give an experience of reading outdoors to students, giving an alternative to the classroom, where reading interest is low.This is interesting – some government officials, obviously appealed by the romaticism of relaxing in a park to read a book, just like in those American movies, made this move – where I don’t think said officials have hardly ever read a book outside in Jakarta’s daily weather, even under a tree’s shade. The scorching heat or the torrential rains, complete with air and noise pollution, wouldn’t be a very attractive place to read. Can you imagine some high school kid trying to get through a quantum physics book, sweating like a pig in the heat, or sitting under a small umbrella in a storm?My opinion? The desire to read is actually high – but just not study material 😀

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3 responses to “Maybe These ‘Smart Parks’ Should Be Inside Buses”

  1. oomwaway says :

    … why not just build PUBLIC parks instead of malls and ITCs??? I really miss those parks where we can just let our children loose to play with other children while the parents switch off on the grass.. Of course, there is the nasty heat.. but even in the US, or Europe, these parks are only visited when the weather is nice. In Jakarta that means, no rain, around 7-9 am or 4-6pm, doable at times. BUT! there should be no smell of engine exhaust, no obnoxious sound from Bajaj or modified motor bebek, no pedagang kaki lima or asongan (well one or two tukang teh botol may be ok), no preman or tukang parkir dadakan. hmmm… beginning to sound impossible..There used to be a lot of tanah kosong in Jakarta, not as maintained as public parks, but children can actually play,..mostly shoe-less football… on those tanah kosong.. I even used to read COMICS they are replaced with malls, driving range, or are installed with playing facilities, fenced and one has to pay to enter..

  2. Bisma says :

    Don’t forget the street hawkers. Won’t be long before the park will be cramped with semi-permanent building for selling anything from food to clothes. In the end there won’t even a place for sit down and reading anything.But I’m going with the idea and see if it is working 🙂

  3. Better Park It Elsewhere | Plis Deh Jakarta! says :

    […] are all stuffed to the brim in malls, they won’t need alternative recreational space (except for reading, perhaps). We love our malls more than we love our parks… erm, what parks, anyway? Book Mark […]

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