Roman-era public works for water distribution:


Jakarta-era water distribution system:


Water web:: A man walks under hoses at Mawar Apartment in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Residents living in the apartment’s upper floors use jet pumps and hoses to channel water to their apartment units. (JP/Hasyim Widhiarto)

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3 responses to “Waterways”

  1. basibanget says :

    jadi inget civilization 🙂

  2. oomwaway says :

    … Jakarta wins hands down …They didn’t have jet pump in Roman Era, that is why they needed those large and difficult-to-build aqueducts to channel water into their homes.. had they got jet pumps, hoses would have been more simple and cheaper too…

  3. Bisma says :

    Just like they said…. when under pressure, Indonesians can become scarily creative 🙂

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