Let’s Kick Back And Have A Picnic At The Cemetery

The city plans to turn cemeteries into parks and attractions, by planting more trees and creating them into water catchment areas, and try to do away with the ‘spookiness’ of cemeteries.I agree about planting more trees… but somehow, I think changing the cemetery into a park is somewhat of a mindleap for most Jakartans.

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4 responses to “Let’s Kick Back And Have A Picnic At The Cemetery”

  1. oomwaway says :

    Thinking the unthinkable..not doing what are clearly needed to be done…That is what I think about Jakarta administrators..

  2. chibialfa says :

    Hal yg sama lagi diterapin di makam bokap gue di Nagrok, Bandung, minus picnic. Daripada ngebagusin makam pake semen, kita disuruh menuhin atasnya pake rumput dengan nisan minimalis. Jadinya keren sih, kayak memorial service di amrik.Di luar ide absurd piknik, gue emang betah spend hours there. But then again, gak ada hubungannya ama piknik lah.

  3. joebarry says :

    @oomwaway yeah you said it man@chibialfa you should read the article, it’s as though the city wants to make a public park out of the cemetery. Jakartan version of public park? eventually, dangdut concerts.@ari eeeuuww

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