How About Hum Bar?

There are many controversies around the relatively new Buddha Bar, part of the Buddha Bar franchise. Some have said it to be ‘selective’ of clients, some students and religious groups have protested the blasphemy of the bar’s name, and now corruption watchdogs are looking into the strange fact that the building housing the bar was bought and renovated with taxpayer money, yet rented out to daughters of top officials. Now the bar is considering a name change, so I guess eventually it can keep servicing its preferred clientele with peace.Um… all this fuss about a bar? The funny thing is, the Religious Affairs minister said if Buddha Bar was allowed to keep its name, it would prompt other bars to name themselves ‘Christian Bar’ or ‘Islam Bar’. Right.


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3 responses to “How About Hum Bar?”

  1. Brett says :

    Yeah, coz "Christian Bar" is such a cool name. This whole Buddha Bar episode has been pathetic. They should never have been given a business licence. It’s a crappy place full of wanky pretentious people anyway – with really crap service.

  2. ChaCha says :

    atheist bar, Islam KTP bar…

  3. Let’s Just Go To Burger King | Plis Deh Jakarta! says :

    […] restaurant is creating such a fuss, so perhaps the management can do everybody a favor and change the name, for God’s sake. You […]

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