Easy – They Were Bred

In Bogor, not only the people work in shifts at some factories, the public transport minivans will too. Bogor has notoriously been a spectacle for traffic jams, for these green or blue minivans are practically everywhere, on any road and probably stopping to wait for passengers. To add to that, these minivans seem to forget that there are other cars using the road, because they stop anywhere – even the middle of the road – to get or disembark passengers. There’s even some sections of the town that are somehow allocated for a full 12-hour traffic jam for these minivans to wait for their passengers, eating up to three lanes and leaving only one lane passable for other cars.A Bogor official was quoted “It won’t be minivans waiting for passengers anymore, but the other way around”. Makes you think – how did Bogor get so many minivans in the first place, for such a small town?

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