Open Letter To Political Party Candidates

Dear political parties and representative candidates,We here at Plis Deh Jakarta want to tell you some of our thoughts on a few points.Things that will not get you elected:

  • driving around in your VW Caravelle to visit poor areas for PR shots
  • using facilities from taxpayer’s money to run your campaign (i.e. government car)
  • being a virtual nobody. If people don’t know you, most likely they won’t vote for you, either. Placing a million posters of your face on every street won’t change that.

Things that has no relevance to you getting elected:

  • getting a lot of people to ride cars, buses or motorcycles wearing the same t-shirt
  • getting those people to ride around the city waving flags and creating traffic jams
  • spending billions to gather those people in the city centre for speeches. Chances are the people there have already made up their mind on who to vote for, so the speeches are moot
  • claiming family ties to a certain famous person, on the poster
  • wearing a pici/kopiah on your campaign posters. 

Things that might get you elected:

  • look good on those posters. No, forget about the picture with the lion, or the James Bond impersonation. Just look good.
  • try to say what your mission is or what you represent on those posters. Putting on ‘Mohon Doa dan Dukungannya’ doesn’t really say anything.
  • Go out door-to-door if need be. Who knows, it might even be more effective than spending billions on a 1-day political rally
  • Make sure you have a clear, simple campaign message. Right know, we can’t tell the difference between the multitude of political parties

Things you really should think about rather than only about getting elected:

  • clean, transparent governance
  • equal rights and better welfare
  • conserving the environment
  • better public transportation systems
  • cheaper internet!!

Sincerely,Plis Deh Jakarta

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One response to “Open Letter To Political Party Candidates”

  1. oomwaway says :

    Umm.. open communication channels (e.g. through website) with voters.. like me, I want to know who you are, what are your views, what have you been doing all these years, etc..Having good plannings and programs is the easy part.. What I want to know is that whether those plans and programs can be implemented.. even more important is that you have to make me believe that you have the will and want to do as such.. can you make me believe?

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